What stores have great medicinal herbs?

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The Medicinal Uses of Herbs & Spices?

You would probably agree that spices make our food taste better, but the spices you use on your food may also help you become healthier! Many of the herbs we use to season our food also have medici... Read More »

Herbs/plants and their medicinal properties?

Get a second and third opinion of every thing you looked up, I question the truth of what you read!You don't have to use EO, instead use capsules!Calendula and Aloe are for all burns and it does no... Read More »

How do you smoke medicinal herbs, do you just roll them like you do with weed?

Why smoke it? When you can make a tea from the herb mix instead. Smoking can cause damage to your respiratory system. You didn't say if you got it from a certified herbalist, nor what you need to u... Read More »

FDA considers medicinal herbs, colloidal silver dangerous, but not mercury fillings, chemo, cigarettes,?

Well, FDA isn't working for the our benefits, its funded by the Pharmaceutical industry and just watches their interests nothing more. Here check this out, it explains it all more or less :o)http:/... Read More »