What store is the best place that I can buy an affordable good quality HDTV?

Answer I got my 26" LCD flat panel at Sam's Club for just around 400 bucks. Been serving me well ever since I got it just about a year ago. I recommend a reputable electronics store like Best Buy or Circu... Read More »

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I'm looking for an affordable camera that takes good quality pictures.Would walmart or best buy be better?

Depending on what size you want there are many cameras at either place that would satisfy your request.My answer-FUJIFILM - FinePix 10.0MP Digital Cameraaffordable and exceptional.there are also ma... Read More »

What is the best quality but yet affordable camera for a beginner photographer?

I think you should invest a DSLR camera. It is an investment but it can be well worth it. DSLR cameras have the larger sensor so you get a higher quality images. You can change lenses which can b... Read More »

What is the best brand of camera that takes good quality pictures at night?

In low-light, non-flash photography you need a fast lens for indoors and a tripod for outdoors. A large sensor also helps since it performs better at higher ISO settings. The lens and large sensor ... Read More »

A friend told me that growing things in the city is good for air quality. What urban crop would best suit my?

I can only assume that your friend has previously lived in the vicinity of hydrothemal vents. You seem to be confusing gardening and horticulture with turning your living space into a giant petri d... Read More »