What stops a microwave turntable from running?

Answer When a microwave turntable stops working, troubleshooting the problem is usually easy. The turntable assembly is a fairly simple design and can normally be repaired quickly and inexpensively, once ... Read More »

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Is there a Toshiba microwave without a turntable?

Toshiba Japan produces microwave steam ovens that cook food on flat ceramic racks, similar to stone ovens. These ovens have no rotation. As of 2010, these were not available in the United States. H... Read More »

How does a microwave turntable work?

Many microwave ovens have a turntable that rotates food during operation. A small electrical motor mounted in the bottom of the oven operates this turntable and helps ensure that food is cooked eve... Read More »

Time train stops running at night from nj to ny?

I think you mean train stops running from NY to NJ.It depends on where in NJ you are going.The last NJ Transit trains from NY Penn Station are:North Jersey Coast Line (to Long Branch/Bay Head) 1:0... Read More »

My Chevy Lumina Stops Running and Won't Start Until Cooled Down?

The Chevy Lumina was General Motors' answer to the Ford Taurus. It was a front-wheel drive sedan based on the near ubiquitous W-body platform. Unfortunately, it was made during the 90s, the low poi... Read More »