What steps would you take if you suspected your Y!A account had been hacked into?

Answer Run a complete security scan on your system & see if anything turns up (that could take awhile depending on your system).If that's all clear, change your p/w & add security questions.If any funky p... Read More »

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What steps should you follow to when preforming the jaw-thrust airway technique on a suspected head neck or spinal injury victim?

(The nasopharyngeal airway device is another method to insure the airway is open.) Grasp the angles of the victim's lower jaw and lift with both hands, one on each side, displacing the jaw forward... Read More »

My psn account was hacked.... help?

Call up sony and ask them what was the last ip that logged into you account they might give you the ip then you can ask the police to track it down and charge him for hacking and threatening you.

Someone hacked my minecraft account?

Hey man don't worry about it, it happened to me and a lot of other people too. It's just cause it got really laggy.

Hotmail account hacked?

1. Make sure that you have turned on Windows Update. Doing this will ensure that you receive all available security patches and upgrades.2. Download an anti-virus program that includes automatic u... Read More »