What steel is used to make hammers?

Answer Although specialty hammers can be made of a number of other metals, most hammer heads are made of high carbon steel that has been heat treated. Heat treating makes the hammer durable and resistant ... Read More »

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Are slap hammers used as a burglary tool?

Slap hammers can be used as burglary tools, particularly for stealing cars. In the early 1980s, a search warrant of a suspected car thief's apartment found a "virtual warehouse of tools and supplie... Read More »

What element was used to plate steel to make cans?

Tin, found in the periodic table under Sn, is the malleable, silver metallic element used to coat steel in the making of cans. It is obtained chiefly from the ore cassiterite and is used primarily ... Read More »

What is sheet steel used for?

Sheet steel is cold rolled or hot rolled into flat plates or strips for different uses. Flat steel strips are used typically in the manufacture of appliances, automobiles, cans, decorative products... Read More »

What is steel cable used for today?

Steel cable today has a variety of purposes, including hoisting heavy loads that standard rope cannot sustain, such as guy wires for radio, TV or cell phone towers or other tall structures, or as p... Read More »