I would like to give myself a complete makeover where should i start?

Answer Hot bath!

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How many "" related websites are there and can you give me a complete list?

IFY - (I Effed You) http://ieffedyou.comMLIG - My Life is G

Can someone give me a complete list of all of the Dish Network television channels?

Go to and you get it for freeTell them YungJason sent you

Why do most people that are "pro adoption" think it is a wonderful thing to give up a newborn to a complete...?

I don't think the question is oversimplifying at all. And this really is a fairly black and white matter. It is never wonderful to give a newborn to a complete stranger. The bonding process begi... Read More »

When did women's suffrage end?

Women's suffrage is the struggle for women to achieve equal rights as men, namely the right to vote. The women's suffrage movement ended in the United States on Aug. 26, 1920, when the 19th Amendme... Read More »