How did George Washington affect the history of the United states?

Answer The way George Washington primarily effected the united states was acually at the end of his second term, when he displayed that a peaceful change of power from one president to the next was possib... Read More »

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Why do Washington, D.C. residents get in-state tuition rates in all 50 US states?

B/c if they only got in-'state' (or in-district i guess) tuition for D.C. then they would only have about 4 schools to choose from...its way too small of an area to restrict students like that.

Can files with 2.1 surround convert into 5.1 surround with a receiver?

Keep in mind that you can only have true surround sound from a DVD, Blu Ray and certain CD. They are encoded in Dolby or DTS. There is no 2.1 surround sound, it is stereo with a subwoofer. Some rec... Read More »

How do you connect your 360 and cable box to your surround sound system with HDMI cables to get surround sound for all of them and get HD picture?

You'll need a receiver with at least 2 HDMI inputs and 1 output, as well as an HD-capable cable box. Connect the XBOX and the cable box to the receiver with the HDMI cables, and then plug the HDMI ... Read More »

I have a HT-BD1255 surround sound theater system, how do i connect electronics so they have surround sound?

Too many details left out.....Are you using HDMI or Component cables for your xbox360 ?You need to look for inputs, not outputs. You only need 1 output for all your devices. If you dont have enough... Read More »