Are the United States Secret Service men considered veterans?

Answer Spys were needed.

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What is the average rainfall for the Midwest?

For the Midwest, the average annual rainfall is usually about 30 inches. However, as of June 2010, this number has been increasing over the past two years, a trend some attribute to climate change.... Read More »

If considered disabled and was employed as a truck driver what is considered gainful emplotment?

Assess the economic facts: your earnings before the disability, your living expenses such as housing, utilities, taxes, etc (not discretionary i.e., premium cable channels, restaurant dining, etc),... Read More »

What airline bought out Midwest Express?

Midwest Express, which was launched in 1984, was acquired by Republic Airways Holdings in 2009. Republic is a publicly traded company which also owns Frontier Airlines, Chautauqua Airlines, Shuttle... Read More »

What channel is fox sports Midwest on dish network?