What state of matter is silly putty?

Answer The three states of matter taught in science class are solid, liquid, and gas. Silly Putty is a substance that is not so easy to classify since it exhibits properties of both a solid and a liquid. ... Read More »

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What did the astronauts use silly putty for?

The Apollo 8 astronauts used Silly Putty carried in a special silver egg "to alleviate boredom and to help secure tools during the weightless period," according to a Silly Putty company fact sheet.... Read More »

What type of polymer is Silly Putty?

Originally developed in 1943 as a possible rubber substitute, Silly Putty has become one of the best selling toys of all time. Primarily composed of the polymer polydimethlsiloxane, its unique prop... Read More »

Who was the inventor of Silly Putty& what was his nationality?

James Wright was the inventor of Silly Putty. He was a Scottish engineer contracted by General Electric to create an inexpensive substitute for natural rubber. Wright's combination of boric acid an... Read More »

What year was Silly Putty invented?

According to the official Silly Putty website, Silly Putty was invented in 1943 by a Scottish engineer named James Wright. The compound was originally referred to as "bouncing putty" and received t... Read More »