How to Learn About the Solid State of Matter?

Answer Solid StateThis article gives an overview about the types of solids and their chemcal properties as well as their physical properties.

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What state of matter is silly putty?

The three states of matter taught in science class are solid, liquid, and gas. Silly Putty is a substance that is not so easy to classify since it exhibits properties of both a solid and a liquid. ... Read More »

Difference Between Phase & State of Matter?

Introductory courses in physical science often begin with a definition of matter and a description of its different forms. These forms are commonly referred to as the "states" or "phases" of matter... Read More »

How to Study the Phenomenon of Light As a Nonequilbirum State of Matter?

This article discusses how to study the phenomenon of light as a nonequilibrium state with the surrounding. This is in addition to discussing other nonequilibrium processes which occur in biologica... Read More »

If spanking is abuse no matter what then doesn't that mean that hugging/kissing is rape no matter what?

Lol, You NAILED THAT PERFECTLY. I agree 100 percent. Spanking is abuse as much as kissing is rape!Edit - I hope I'm not misunderstood here, lol. Meaning spanking IS NOT abuse, and kissing/hugging I... Read More »