What state makes the most cars?

Answer Michigan has lead the United States in car production since 1912. After the production of Henry Ford's Model T, Detroit became known as "Motor City." Today, all four major U.S. auto companies have ... Read More »

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Who makes BMW cars?

BMW Group is the parent company for all BMW subsidiaries and owns manufacturing plants throughout the world that specialize in different BMW lines.Source:BMW USA: Company Information

Who Makes Kia Cars?

Kia Motors is the company that makes all of the cars and other vehicles with the Kia name. The production originated in Seoul, South Korea.Source:Kia Motors Official Website

Who makes flying cars?

Although the classic flying cars of movies and books have never been made, dual-purpose aircraft/car combinations are in development. The Terrafugia Transition is a small airplane whose wings fold ... Read More »

Who makes Hyundai cars?

Hyundai cars are made by Hyundai Motor Company in South Korea. Hyundai Motor Company, developed from Hyundai Business Group, was created by Chung Ju Yung.Source:Google Books: Made in Korea by Richa... Read More »