In what month is the West Virginia state fair held?

Answer The West Virginia State Fair is held in August each year. The nine-day event features livestock, live entertainment, carnival rides and home arts, garden and craft exhibits. The fair, which began i... Read More »

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Probate Law in the State of West Virginia?

Cases related to "probate, the appointment and qualification of personal representatives, guardians, committees and curators, and the settlements of their accounts" are under the jurisdiction of ci... Read More »

How to Visit West Virginia State Parks?

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Is West Virginia a community-property state?

West Virginia is not a community-property state. This means that you are not responsible for your spouse's debts unless you assume them voluntarily. Co-signing a loan is one example of assuming res... Read More »

West Virginia State Collection Laws?

Like most states, West Virginia boasts several laws designed to protect residents from harassing collection calls. If you owe money and are receiving collection calls, it's important to study the s... Read More »