What was the purpose of mount rushmore state park?

Answer The purpose of Mount Rushmore National Memorial is to portray the history and greatness of the United States. Presidents Washington and Jefferson symbolize the country's founding and expansion, and... Read More »

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In what state is Mount Whitney located?

Mount Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states, is located in federally protected land in California. At its highest point, Mount Whitney is 14,496 feet above sea level.References:Inyo... Read More »

In what state is Mount McKinley located?

Mount McKinley, the largest peak in North America, is located in southern Alaska in Denali National Park. The 20,320-foot peak, which is also known by its original Native American name of Denali, i... Read More »

In what state is Mount McKinley located and what is the elevation of the mountain?

Mount McKinley is in the state of Alaska, in Denali National Park. It has an elevation of 20,320 feet, making it the highest mountain in North America, according to The Native Ameri... Read More »

Who is pictured on Mount Rushmore?

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt are the four people pictured on Mount Rushmore. They were the first, third, 16th and 26th presidents of the United States... Read More »