Can you file education credits from a different state on your state tax return?

Answer Because state tax law is unique to the state in question, the answer will vary depending on the state. Generally, you would need to be a resident of the state in order to take advantage of its tax ... Read More »

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Which US state has the worst drivers?

PAAccording to insurance institute -PA is one of the worst for driver's training.Philadelphia alone has two of the most dangerous intersections in the US. In one intersection alone when they put in... Read More »

Florida State Laws on Education?

Each state has a wide range of laws governing the education process and how it is administered. Like all other states, Florida's statutes on education cover everything from how school districts are... Read More »

New Jersey Core State Standards for Education?

New Jersey first defined a set of Core Curriculum Standards (CCS) in 1996. Since that time, these standards have been reviewed and enhanced several times to keep up with the changes in technology. ... Read More »

Would your dad be able to let you stay for education issues in another state if he has your custody?

Answerdepending where you live check your laws, you can consult with a family lawyer and your reasons can be presented in family court. consultion is usually free. good luck. AnswerTechnically, if... Read More »