What state has the most people with hiv?

Answer According to the international AIDS charity organization Avert, New York state has the highest HIV-positive population at 46,930, plus 75,253 living with AIDS. In terms of reported AIDS cases, Wash... Read More »

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What state has the most Spanish-speaking people in it?

More than 30 million people in the United States speak Spanish, making it the second most-common language. According to the 2004 American Community Survey by the United States Census Bureau, Califo... Read More »

Most people are uncomfortable making eye contact with people with crossed eyes?

i honestly know how you feel. i was born with both of my eyes crossed inward. they were both corrected by a strabismus surgery, but the results were not permanent. now i have two lazy eyes, and ... Read More »

Do most people think people with autism are dumb?

Sadly, it is commonly perceived that people with Autism are not intelligent. This is in fact, not the case and I believe it is our job as Autism advocates to raise awareness about the fact that ind... Read More »

What jobs are most people happy with?

it really isn't a matter of what the majority of people say is a good job to have, but instead what it is you personally enjoy to do.