If you are the owner of a car can it be registered to someone else in one state but insured by you in another state or can the registrant insure it in a different state?

Answer AnswerThe owner of the car has to register the vehicle. The person on the registration must insure the vehicle, or be listed to drive that vehicle on a family policy. That example sounds close to i... Read More »

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In what month is the West Virginia state fair held?

The West Virginia State Fair is held in August each year. The nine-day event features livestock, live entertainment, carnival rides and home arts, garden and craft exhibits. The fair, which began i... Read More »

Where is the minnesota state fair located?

The Minnesota State Fair is officially located at 1265 Snelling Ave. in the state's capital city of St. Paul. The 320-acre fairgrounds is approximately two miles north of Interstate 94, the main ea... Read More »

New York State Fair Labor Laws?

Fair labor laws protect New York workers on the job. Specifically, these laws restrict child labor and provide regulations for employers to treat their employees in a fair and equitable manner. Bot... Read More »

When is the west virginia state fair?

The West Virginia state fair is held for nine days in August. The first fair began on Aug. 29, 1854, in Greenbrier Valley, Virginia, which is modern-day Lewisburg, West Virginia. The 2010 fair is A... Read More »