State Taxes for Living & Working in Two Different States?

Answer Living and working in two different states can complicate your tax filing requirements. Like most tax issues, the complications vary depending upon which states are involved and your particular cir... Read More »

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If you will be working in a different state for the summer do you need to tell your insurance company and get a different policy?

Answer That's a good question, but when you get right down to it, it probably depends on your insurance carriers policies on that sort of thing.Generally speaking, though, if you still consider you... Read More »

How would I file a complaint against a teacher working for a State Preschool Program?

I take it you have already talked to someone here?Family Development Services3637 N. Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46208t. 317.803.3803 — f. 317.803.9486 If your son is being abused by a tea... Read More »

Does Washington state favor working mom in primary parent case of unmarried couples?

While it depends on your circumstances, courts do generally support the mother's side more in Washington State. In Washington custody and visitation is not the focus. The courts use the terms resi... Read More »

What disaster focused state and national attention on working conditions in factories and stores?

Then Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton began the United States Revenue Cutter Service on August 4th, 1790. It is from there that the United States Coast Guard traces its history. A link ... Read More »