What state applies to the sol for credit card debit?

Answer On One Hand: State Applied to SOL is Creditor's ChoiceThere are three relevant states to consider for the purposes of the statute of limitations (SOL) for credit card debt. The state where you sign... Read More »

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What is the difference between a bank card, credit card and a debit card?

According to, a bank card is a bank-issued plastic card with a magnetic strip used for electronic commerce. It allows transactions to be done electronically without having to... Read More »

What is the difference in a Visa debit& credit card?

Visa debit cards and credit cards often work in similar ways, but have significant differences between the two. Understanding exactly what a debit card is and is not is essential to maximize your s... Read More »

What is a good reward credit or debit card?

On One Hand: You Need to Know the Cards Terms.The links in the References and Resources section have a good comparison of cards available. Compare reward plans by comparing the dollar spent to rewa... Read More »

I need help fast!!! Can you use a debit card like a credit card on the Internet?

Not all debit cards can be used like a credit card. Most can however. If your debit card has the Mastercard or Visa Logo on it, then there is a good chance that it can be used on a website. But man... Read More »