What state and town did the Beverly Hillbillies come from?

Answer Bug Tussle, Tennessee.

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What channel does the Beverly hillbillies come on?

Right now, it's only nationally syndicated through TV Land and ME-TV. WGN America used to play it, but they stopped playing it to make room for other shows. But I suspect that WGN will put it on ag... Read More »

When did granny from the Beverly hillbillies die?

What happen to the cast of the Beverly hillbillies?

Buddy Ebsen (Jed): Played Barnaby Jones in the series Barnaby Jones, a detective show. Irene Ryan (Granny): Fulfilled her lifelong dream of performing in a Broadway production. Max Baer, Jr. (Jet... Read More »

What was jed clampett's dog name on the Beverly hillbillies?