What started the need for computers?

Answer We needed computers to decrease the number of people needed to be employed by one employer, thus meaning that each employey could get payed more for his or her work. They can also be used to connec... Read More »

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Who started Gateway computers?

Ted Waitt and Mike Hammond founded the Gateway computer company in 1985. The duo started their company with a $10,000 loan from Waitt's grandmother and began distributing merchandise from an Iowa f... Read More »

Who started dell computers?

Michael Dell started Dell Computers in 1984. He was a college student at the University of Texas during that time, and he supplied custom computers to other students. The computers were built in hi... Read More »

At the beging of last month i started feeling sic to my belly an very tired an than my boobs started?

The symptoms were similar to those pregnancy symptoms. How early did you take the test? And what time of the day? Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is the hormone that is causing the result in you... Read More »

About a year ago, my t.v. started turning itself off. Now,both computer and radio started coming on. Ideas?

Strange! I don't have a clue about TV/radio but check your BIOS for some "Wake on LAN" or "Wake on 56k" activity, or even just a timer that is set to boot at a certain time. Many BIOS have these op... Read More »