What stage in your pregnancy are hemorrhoids possible?

Answer Tuna contains high levers of mercury that can cause birth defects.

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In what stage of pregnancy will a brown line appear on your stomach?

I dont know, but I'm freaking out. I'm only in highschool, and I have a brown line down my stomach from my belly button to my pubic hair, and I dont think im pregnant. I'm wondering if that's norma... Read More »

At what stage in pregnancy does your nipples turn brown and hard?

Answer It can be a sign of pregnancy but EVERY women are different.

Is it possible to be further along in your pregnancy than what your ultrasound says?

When they do an ultrasound, they measure the baby's head and that's how they determine how far along you are. So if your baby's head is smaller than average, then they would give you a farther due ... Read More »

Is it possible to have all the sign of early pregnancy 4-6 days before your period and have a negative pregnancy test?

yes, you could be... Let me first say that I have no medical training. But here's what I understand:To answer your question, yes. But things could go either way. You may be pregnant, and it may jus... Read More »