What splitter should I buy for digital cable?

Answer On One Hand: Go For The GigWhen splitting digital cable, it's important to protect the signal strength. A splitter for digital cable should be at least 1 GHz. Monster is generally considered the be... Read More »

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Can i use a splitter with videotron digital cable?

You can use splitters on any cable-based installation. However, splitting a digital signal may degrade picture quality and cause signal interference. If you use a splitter with Videotron digital ca... Read More »

What antenna splitter should be used for a digital TV?

A 1GHz antenna splitter is all that is needed for a digital television. Choose between a two-way or a four-way aerial splitter, depending on your connection needs. The antenna splitter allows a sig... Read More »

What is the differance between Digital Component Cable & Digital Coaxial Audio cable?

Sorry DB they do differ in what freqs they are 75 ohms of impedance. You could substitute one for the other but your best bet is to use the properly designed cable. Don't forget the 10% max rule BT... Read More »

I am a cable guy and ought to know this but will a regular cable splitter work with an antenna?

Yes. Make sure it's good out to at least 800 MHz.