What spice is a substitute for turmeric?

Answer Dry mustard is a substitute for turmeric, which is a main ingredient in curry powder and is used in many Asian dishes. Already a strong spice, turmeric becomes even more powerful when it is cooked.... Read More »

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What is the spice turmeric used for?

Turmeric, which comes from a root, is used primarily to add a yellow tint to foods. Its use is especially prevalent in Indian cuisine. It can also be used as a fabric dye, and has found commercial ... Read More »

What is the spice turmeric?

Turmeric comes from Indonesia and southern India, where it has been used in cooking and traditional Ayurvedic medicine for more than 5,000 years. The yellow color similar to saffron inspired some t... Read More »

What is turmeric spice?

Turmeric spice has been an ingredient in cooking for more than two centuries. Although relatively hot for some people's palate, turmeric is not overly potent. Besides being tasty, the spice also po... Read More »

What are the benefits of the spice turmeric?

Anyone who has tasted Indian food, particularly curry, has savored the golden-colored herb turmeric. The spice is a key ingredient in Indian cuisine. Besides adding flavor to a meal, turmeric also ... Read More »