What speed do you think broadband will be in 5years time?

Answer One thing is certain it wont be anything to do with BT! They are still using a system that was designed for a telephone network in the 1930's. In fact they are so far behind they are trying to musc... Read More »

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How can my connection speed possibly higher than my broadband speed?

Ahh this is a common mistake many people make. What you are seeing is the connection between your computer and router. The router is connected to a modem. The Modem is what connects you to the Int... Read More »

How to Test My Broadband Speed?

Slow Internet speeds are frustrating as well as difficult to resolve as they are caused by so many different things. Network traffic on the site you are visiting, low bandwidth on your network, net... Read More »

How to Hack Broadband for Speed?

Many internet users are now facing frequent DNS server issues, many service providers have DNS servers that are just unresponsive.

How to Speed Up a 3 Mobile Broadband?

3 Mobile provides mobile broadband dongles that you can simply plug in to your laptop computer to connect to the Internet. 3 Mobile offers a number of packages with varying download speeds. If youâ... Read More »