What color eyes will my baby have My eyes are light brown, my bf's are blue/green.?

Answer thats funny how most people are saying brown or hubby has blue/green eyes and i have light brown eyes....and our 2yr old boy has blue you really never know.

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If a women with green eyes got pregnant by a man with blue eyes, what color would their kid most likely have?

It can go either way, but green is dominant over blue. Using genetics, the common answer would be a 75% chance green and 25% blue. But that 25% can happen.

What hair color is best with green eyes?

On One Hand: Contrast is KeyPeople with green eyes are striking when their hair is dark and dramatic, making their eyes appear brighter. Blonde tones are too washed out for those with green eyes.On... Read More »

What Hair Color Is Best for Green Eyes?

Green eyes are a somewhat rare trait. It is said that green eyes first occurred when two cultures interacted, such as when the Chinese and Russian opened trade lines together or when the British at... Read More »

What hair color fits green eyes?

Brown hair! Light brown hair fits perfect! That's what I have. Cool skin tone, light brown hair, and green eyes.