What specific antibiotic can cause miscarriage?

Answer Antibiotics can be taken when pregnant since some conditions are worse than the possible effects of the antibiotics. There is no real research that says that antibiotics can can cause miscarriage o... Read More »

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What medications can cause miscarriage?

Answer miscarriage hi, I asked myself this question when I had my first miscarriage. I got really bad morning sickness and decided I needed to do something about it without consulting a doctor. Don... Read More »

What if you are pregnant and craving the things that cause miscarriage?

At the risk of loosing your baby I would say DON'T eat them. Go and talk to your doctor if they are uncontrollable.

Can humprhey 11 cause a miscarriage?

i've never heard of humprhey 11-- you could call your dr or the pharmacy where you got it- they should be able to tell you Source(s): question about future pregnancies- please answer: http://answer... Read More »

Can taking an antibiotic cause a urinary tract infection in a child?

Generally not - because the antibiotic would be 'dismantling' the microbes causing the UTI (urinary tract infection).However, an antibiotic may cause vulvar irritation that may lead to symptoms of ... Read More »