What is an exotic species&an invasive species?

Answer Exotic and invasive are terms used by the United States Department of Agriculture to describe plant status in a given area of the United States. An exotic species has been introduced to one ecosyst... Read More »

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How to Really Act Like Yoda?

Do you know who is the coolest, wisest, and littlest green man in the whole world of Star Wars is? YODA! Now, you are asking yourself, why can't I be like Yoda? Well, you can!

Does yoda have kids?

You live in Japan and get really lucky!

Does yoda have children?

Yes he did there names were cumeo and marlo. but they got killed:(

What is the name of yoda's planet?

If you are referring to the planet to which he went into voluntary exile, where Luke Skywalker found him, then then answer is Dagobah.