What special tools or equipment does a child psycologist need?

Answer Probably not, but using caster oil does not work, it is a wives tale.

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What special skills or talents does a child psycologist need?

Answer sure so long as you are financially , mentally and physically capable of taking care of a child.

What age does a child no longer need a special safety seat in the car?

Well. . .she would be her mother's dependent, so her mother is charged with taking care of her. It would probably be difficult to do that without her mother's permission. Also, minors in the U.S. (... Read More »

Do I need special equipment to get HD channels?

You either need an HD-ready television, or a decoder that can decode an HD signal for an older television. If you do a channel search through the air, you will pull in local HD channels, but if you... Read More »

Do you need any special equipment or service to use an HD High Definition TV?

Using HD TVSome satellite and cable networks do broadcast 720p HD, at this stage there are no full 1080 HD broadcasts. You need to live in an area where this service is provded and you'll need to p... Read More »