What special skills or talents does a child psycologist need?

Answer Answer sure so long as you are financially , mentally and physically capable of taking care of a child.

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What special tools or equipment does a child psycologist need?

Probably not, but using caster oil does not work, it is a wives tale.

What life skills need to be taught to special need children?

if dosage is 1.5mg,then she wont have the requirement of nxt dose,the effectiveness is 95%

What age does a child no longer need a special safety seat in the car?

Well. . .she would be her mother's dependent, so her mother is charged with taking care of her. It would probably be difficult to do that without her mother's permission. Also, minors in the U.S. (... Read More »

What talents does a pediatricain need to have?

Tonsilitis can be cured by using natural medicines. You might try, if you live on the kenai peninsula, going to carlines acupuncture and day spa. you can use zinc lozenges, cold and flu formula, Th... Read More »