What special needs does the rattlesnake have?

Answer no its not safe to take it but if you would like to make sure talk to a docture

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How to Tell the Age of a Rattlesnake?

Despite common myths that you can tell the age of rattlesnakes by the number of segments on their rattles, there is no way to tell the exact age of a rattlesnake just by looking at it. The only acc... Read More »

Which method is the one through which united states special operations command presents all theater special operations forces under one special operations commander?

US - Army Rangers, Army Special Forces, Delta/ACE, Navy SEALs, Navy SWCC, MARSOC, Air Force Special Tactics -Pararescue, Combat Controllers UK - SAS, SBS Germany - KSK Canada - JTF-2, Special Op... Read More »

Diet of a Rattlesnake?

Found primarily throughout the American southwest, the rattlesnake is a legendary venomous predator. Although it does not prey on people, its bite is nevertheless capable of killing a full-grown ma... Read More »

How to Tie a Rattlesnake Knot?

The rattlesnake knot is an ornamental knot used to add style and add weight to the end of a rope. Any type of flexible rope can be used to make the knot, but a strong and durable rope, such as para... Read More »