What special equipmentdo you need to observe a supernove?

Answer I found out my son's at 13 weeks with a high resolution ultrasound.

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Which method is the one through which united states special operations command presents all theater special operations forces under one special operations commander?

US - Army Rangers, Army Special Forces, Delta/ACE, Navy SEALs, Navy SWCC, MARSOC, Air Force Special Tactics -Pararescue, Combat Controllers UK - SAS, SBS Germany - KSK Canada - JTF-2, Special Op... Read More »

How to Observe a UFO?

Daylight UFO sightings are rare. Most UFO sightings are reported at night in an isolated area.You are driving alone when you spot a bizarre light or a strange flying object nearby. Following these ... Read More »

How to Observe the Shabbat?

The Sabbath is the day which God established to rest from the week's jobs and pressures so we can meditate on his word and glorify Him. There are several prohibitions for the Shabbat and some ritua... Read More »

How to Observe Mercury?

Mercury is situated the closest to the Sun of all the planets in the Solar System; it's also the smallest planet. It's sometimes possible to see Mercury in the sky just after sunset or before sunri... Read More »