What speakers do I need for my Gemini Turntable!?

Answer You cannot connect a turntable directly to speakers. First the turntable must be connected in-line to a phono-preamplifier which amplifies the signal from the phonocartridge, and then re-equalizes... Read More »

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Turntable to speakers?

Checking cregislist is a good way to go to save money but if you don't know what to look for sometimes you can get burned or end up buying the wrong stuff..., if you would like to stick with new I ... Read More »

Need help regarding amp/speakers with a turntable?

Do not get computer speakers for your turntable - get a simple stereo receiver and a pair of bookshelf speakers.……

Where can I find cheap speakers for my turntable?

Turntable you purchased is designed to be connected to the computer to record the song. You can also connect it to a receiver with a phono input. You can not just connect a speaker to a turntable. ... Read More »

Good Turntable with in-built speakers?

Nice to see someone still attached to vinyl but there is no quality T/table with built in speakers. It should be obvious that the vibrations from the speakers would affect the stylus/disc interacti... Read More »