Nothing sounds good to eat?

Answer Just eat something. Food is fuel, it doesn't have to always be enjoyable to eat. At least have something with the crackers, like milk or juice.I'd have a pregnancy test if I were you.

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Ham and mustard sandwich - sounds good?

Sounds freakin' awesome! I make mine with white bread, ham. mustard, cheese and lettuce. Been doing that for years. I love mustard and ham together. They are a good pairing.

Why is it good to eat lunch?

I have difficulty differentiating sounds, but alone, my hearing is quite good?

You could have something called Sensory Integration Disorder which allows your hearing to be very sensitive but not allow you to concentrate on one sound.

Whats something good to eat for lunch?

Hambruger helperHotdogsHambrugerschipsPasta saldBaked beansChickenRicesaldlasgna