How does a guitar make sounds?

Answer A guitar makes sound by vibration--vibration of strings under tension. An electric guitar produces sound differently from an acoustical guitar, even though both guitars' sound originates in tension... Read More »

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How do flutes make different sounds?

The flute can produce a wide range of sounds through the manipulation of holes that affect the air passing through it. The player's tongue can articulate the tones to provide even greater variety.A... Read More »

What sounds do raccoons make?

Raccoons, mid-size American mammals that have been introduced to many areas in Europe and as far east as Japan, use a wide variety of sounds to communicate with other raccoons or other unwelcome sp... Read More »

Does a giraffe make sounds?

Yes. Though giraffes are generally fairly quiet, they do make several sounds. Baby giraffes, known as calves, will bleat and mew. Adults may hiss, bellow, snort, cough and even snore.References:Pup... Read More »

How to Make Cricket Sounds?

Learning how to make cricket noises could provide you with hours of amusement and is especially useful if you are in the entertainment business. Some people seem to be able to do this naturally whe... Read More »