What sounds do raccoons make?

Answer Raccoons, mid-size American mammals that have been introduced to many areas in Europe and as far east as Japan, use a wide variety of sounds to communicate with other raccoons or other unwelcome sp... Read More »

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What Sounds Do Coyotes Make in a Group?

Coyotes are widely celebrated as "song-dogs". They are immensely vocal, engaging in a whole range of sounds from feisty barking to reeling, howling choruses. These medium-sized wild canids, which h... Read More »

What sounds does your home make?

I need my plumbing seen to as my pipes are all rusty.

What makes the left and right pc mouse buttons make different sounds?

Its just because in general, you click the left mouse button more than the right. Meaning it wears down the clicking mechanism slightly more than the right, making 2 different clicking noises.ORIt... Read More »

What are baby zebras called?

Female zebras, or mares, give birth to one brown-and-white foal at a time. Zebra foals weigh between 55 and 88 lbs. when they're born. They begin walking about 20 minutes after birth and learn to r... Read More »