How to Make an Ostrich Incubator?

Answer Ostrich grow to be about 9 foot tall. They are raised for meat, feathers and leather. They are fast moving birds that lay large eggs. An ostrich egg is about 6 inches long by 5 inches wide and weig... Read More »

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A vacuum cleaner produces sound with a measured sound level of 64.0 dB. What is the pressure amplitude of the sound mPa?

Sound level Lp = 64 dBSPL equals what sound pressure p (rms)?The sound pressure is: 0.0317 pascals (Pa) = 31.7 millipascals (mPa)The reference sound pressure is: p0 = 20 μPa = 2 · 10-5 Pa (0 dB)T... Read More »

I want to buy a surround sound sytem, I would prefer to buy a sound bar how good are they at projecting sound?

Soundbars try to fire rear sounds out at a wide angle so you get a reflection from the sides.How centered is your television in the middle of your wall?Do you have symmetrical side walls for the so... Read More »

How much does an ostrich egg weigh?

Ostrich eggs are the largest eggs laid by any animal. They weigh between 3 and 5 pounds, and measure about 6 by 5 inches in size. One ostrich egg is equal to about two dozen chicken eggs. An ostri... Read More »

What size is an ostrich's eye?

An ostrich's eye is the largest of any land animal, measuring almost 2 inches in diameter. Ostriches have excellent eyesight and can see up to 2.2 miles. The large eyeball helps an ostrich see pred... Read More »