What sound does a ladybird make?

Answer If they are in any way like the American cousin of the ladybird, the ladybug...none that we can easily hear.

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What does the ladybird food chain look like?

Oak tree-------- Fox----------- Ladybird -------------- Aphid

How to Design a Habitat for a Ladybird?

People love animals and nature. Most children love bugs. Well nice ones. Why not have a go at making a habitat for a ladybird. You don't exactly need any bugs inside anyway!

Ladybird Nursery Ideas?

Ladybirds are also known as ladybugs, and these insects are known for their deep red shells that are polka-dotted with black. Not only are these insects useful in the garden, they also have high vi... Read More »

How to Grow Ladybird Beetles?

Most ladybird beetles are native to Asia. They are considered beneficial invaders because they dine on many of the irritating and damaging insect-pest species. Adult beetles can eat up to 270 aphid... Read More »