What sound does an emu make?

Answer Emus make different sounds depending on their gender. Female emus make a loud booming drum like sound. Male emus make a guttural grunting sound, similar to the sound of a pig.Source:Kansas Emu Ass... Read More »

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What sound does a lamb make?

Depends on where you live. But only a lamb can understand another…

What sound does a hummingbird make?

Hummingbirds make chirping sounds, including warning chirps that consist of several chirps in a row, short pleasant chirps when being fed or looking for food, and a chittery chirp when looking for ... Read More »

What sound does a ladybird make?

If they are in any way like the American cousin of the ladybird, the ladybug...none that we can easily hear.

What kind of sound does a flamingo make?

Flamingos are very vocal and sounds range from nasal honking to growling. Vocalization can be associated with specific behaviors. During flight and while on the ground, flamingos make loud honking ... Read More »