What sound do you hate more than Anything?

Answer someone trying to suck up their nasal drip, over and over, instead of blowing it. When someone in particular KHHHHHAAAAACCCKKKS a lougie. SO FRIGGIN' NASTY

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What angers you more than anything while driving?

Three things.1. People who cut in front of me either merging into my lane or making a turn from another road. It's one thing if you do it and give me plenty of time to react, but it's the people wh... Read More »

Is There Anything Worse Than the Sound of the Ringing Phone?

That is so funny because I feel the same way about the ringing sound of telephones! I have a land line phone here at home, but the ringer is always off and the phone is never used; it is solely for... Read More »

Name anything that has more talent than the Jonas Brothers?

This video.…Yes, getting hit by a car and surviving takes more talent than to play crappy music.

Name anything that is more talented than the Jonas Brothers?