What sould i eat for breakfast mm mmm mmm XD?

Answer You can make egg sandwich.Denver Omellet if u hav milk add 2 tbsp to the bitten eggs.Saute ur omellet season 2 taste.Serve wit ur slice cheese n butter bread.Yummy

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What sould I get Mom for Mothers Day?

Plant a tree in her yard. Choose one that blossoms and grows fast. She'll think of you every spring when it blooms, every summer when it gives shade, every winter when you hang your Christmas lig... Read More »

What sould i do to get rid of computer virus?

Try scanning it with an anti-virus, but sometimes it doesn't work. With my Norton Anti-Virus it finds about 15 viral/adware things but when you click delete it can't get rid of them. You could try ... Read More »

What kind of hair sould i do for my daughter?

wow!!! that is AWFUL the things u say about your daughter!! if she is so fat, its probably your fault for not having her eat healthy and exercise. i feel bad for her. so i will help hershort hairst... Read More »

What sould i do for my burn that is a day old but blistered?

Put some antibacterial cream on the burn and cover with a sterile dressing. You need to change the dressing every 24 hours...................