What sorts of things does a midwife do?

Answer Midwives do a lot of things. They are very focused on the natural element of women's health care where OBGYN's are a bit more focused on the medical element.Midwives can: Perform gynecological exam... Read More »

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Was thomas Paine a midwife and what is a midwife?

A midwife is someone who is trained to assist in childbirth.Thomas Paine is sometimes said to have been midwife to the United States, but this is not meant literally.Thomas Paine was a writer aroun... Read More »

What sorts of scholarships can I get?

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What sorts of weapons are used in the US Army?

M9 pistol, Sig P229 pistol, M1911 pistol, Remington M870 shotgun, Moss-berg 500 and 590 shotgun, Winchester 1200/1300 shotgun, Benelli-M3 and M4 shotgun, M16 rifle (M16A1, A2, and A4), M4 and M4A1 ... Read More »

I have a mouth sore of some sorts?

It might be a canker sore or it might be something very serious, have the dentist take a look at it.**It doesn't matter if you smoke or not or use tobacco products just like sometime people get lun... Read More »