What sort of makeup would you recommend for a high school junior?

Answer I'm going to be a junior too. I have glasses, I'm verryyy pale and have blue eyes and blonde hair. So apparently we're very similar! lolI've struggled with finding a foundation in a color light eno... Read More »

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Was your junior high or high school shop teacher missing any parts?

Yes, my HS shop teacher was missing half his middle finger on his right hand. Table saw.

I'm a Junior in high school with very bad grades but high SAT scores. What colleges will take me?

I can empathize. I was also extremely lazy in high school (no ADHD though) and had terrible grades (also 2.7) but pretty high SAT scores and was able to sneak into a top 20 liberal arts college, wa... Read More »

Teeeens (14-16), what sort of makeup do you wear everyday to like school and work?

well i don't work after school, but for regular school days this is my step by step routine (after brushing teeth, washing face, etc.): - my moisturizer (lancome) - shu uemura eyelash curler - bene... Read More »

How to Enjoy Junior High School?

This article is about how to enjoy middle school because for most schools middle school is just three grades.