What sort of computer do you use?

Answer A laptop !!!But hope to build a desktop tower system next year :)

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Develop templates of standard sorting algorithms such as bubble sort, insertion sort, merge sort,& quick sort?

This particular homework assignment requires a lot of coding examples. And they are easily available from the Internet by doing a simple search. And if we spoon-fed you your answers, you will not... Read More »

My computer screens gone f****d up colours, like someones painted it on my screen,how do i sort it out?

Control panel?Have you try the resoluation?Can you choose 16bit color high color?If you can't it mean you grahic card driver is **** up.If you using XP, you can boot up as VGA mode.If it come up go... Read More »

I found a computer chip in my office that I believe is some sort of tracking device.Does anyone know if it is?

OMG LOL I know that is. Holy crap am I a geek.It looks like this doesn't it?(the name of the device says it all)…Here's a cut from the Item description. ... Read More »

When i turned my computer on this morning irs gone a kinda yellowy colour.Anyone know how i can sort this.Im?

Here are the possibilities:Shut off your computer. Make sure all your cables are tight. Your cable from the video card to the monitor, and the monitor power cable.Your video card (if not onboard vi... Read More »