What sort of alternative treatment?

Answer Basically what lo_mcg said. Completely ignore thenoseknows. Homeopathy has never been demonstrated to alter the course of any disease, or indeed have any biological effect at all.Homeopathy is magi... Read More »

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Develop templates of standard sorting algorithms such as bubble sort, insertion sort, merge sort,& quick sort?

This particular homework assignment requires a lot of coding examples. And they are easily available from the Internet by doing a simple search. And if we spoon-fed you your answers, you will not... Read More »

Alternative Healing Treatment Centers?

Did you ever consider treating a genetic disorder with diet? Doctors at an alternative treatment center in New York are studying nutrigenomics, which is the interaction between diet and genes, at t... Read More »

Alternative to Proactiv Acne Treatment?

Many acne sufferers find success with Proactiv, a three-step program (cleanser, toner, and moisturizer) designed to clear and prevent acne breakouts, but the treatment is not best for everyone. Som... Read More »

An Alternative Treatment for Exfoliative Scaly Skin?

A number of factors can cause dry, scaly skin that can itch and flake, including inadequate hydration, environmental conditions such as excessively windy or humid weather, or skin problems like ecz... Read More »