Apparently Kylie Minogue was initially misdiagnosed as being free and clear of breast cancer?

Answer Yes, absolutely !!!Usually your sixth sense kicks in and alerts you that something is wrong.You should always trust your instincts, i don't how they work, but 99% of the time they are right.Your B... Read More »

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What songs did Elvis sing in the 70's?

Songs Elvis sang in the 1970,s included: Burning Love, Can,t Help Falling In Love, & Moody Blue.

What are some good songs for toddlers to sing?

Everyone has some good songs so I would like to add:The Sneeze Song: when your head is stuffy and you feel so fussy and you have to sneeze all day 'ACHOO' then I am told that I have a cold and it... Read More »

What are good songs to sing on American Idol?

I would say anything that you feel comfortable singing. Preferably not rap, hip hop or any of those types of genre.

What are the songs did Carrie sing in American idol?

"Inside Your Heaven""Angels Brought Me Here""Independence Day""Inside Your Heaven""Making Love Out Of Nothing At All""Man I Feel Like A Woman""Crying""Sin Wagon""If You Don't Know Me By Now""Bless ... Read More »