What song plays in the credits of yu-gi-oh abridged movie?

Answer Are you talking about the opening bit? If that's the case, it would be "Kawaita Sakebi" sung by Field of View. It is actually the original Japanese opening for season 0 of Yu-Gi-Oh!. Hope it helps!... Read More »

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You have season 1 of Castle on DVD and at the end credits on every episode there is a song with whistling What is that song called?

What actor plays the eye in Twilight Zone?

No. Torchwood is fiction. No 'government organisation' can be 'beyond the government' it is impossible. i mean separate to the government, mabye not studting aliens, but technology etc. Something a... Read More »

Who plays the girl on intro to the Twilight Zone?

First of all the Twilight zone was hosted or presented by a Man- Rod Serling.l They did not have ANY repeating characters- which turned off many viewers ( as contrasted with Kirk, Spock, and the re... Read More »

Whats the song that plays in episode 2 of hemlock grove, at the dance, NOT the first song by phedre.?

I believe it is the top two here, one of them but the ones below are all from the show tooThese are some of them, not all though. download the shazaam app and you will be able to find the songs ea... Read More »