What song is used in the new pepsi kick commercial?

Answer It's just an advertising jingle.Pepsi Kick: Tastes like Pepsi, Kicks like Boom Commercial Song: Original soundtrack performed by Studio Takt…

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Why is Pepsi Kick illegal in the United States?

From all the information I have been able to find on it, it's not illegal in the United States as so much as not available. Most Global brands have products that are only released in certain countr... Read More »

What is the name of the song in the football commercial that has the quote it's good to be rich it's either an ESPN or nfl network commercial I think?

What is the song from the new Directv commercial Where the guy shoots the film guy to steal the movies The commercial is called Don't just watch TV?

How many times did the Madonna Pepsi commercial air?

The commercial Madonna filmed for Pepsi, which featured her song "Like a Prayer," aired just twice in the United States in March of 1989. Pepsi pulled the ad campaign due to controversy surrounding... Read More »