What song is used in the bbc hd advert?

Answer Matt Smith

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What is the song used sky one advert?

Sky One , usually spelled out, was an amphibious airplane launched by the Nuclear Submarines known as Sky Divers to intercept U.F.O."s in the Gerry Anderson produced show UFO. The large craft forme... Read More »

What is the song used for an advert for the the beast?

Jeanne Benoit? She found out that Tony was undercover and left. It is thought that her Father had arranged a safe house for her to go to and that is where she went

What song is used for the new advert Americas Got Talent?

Only if you are super hot. If not you must be a women. I think one of the judges is gay so it is possible.

What is the song used in the new 2010 BBC drama advert?