R&P: What's your favorite song that has a title that matches a lyric in the song?

Answer let's face it, y/a is a disorganised joke when it comes to 'guidelines' and 'reporting'.if they're going to be strict about it, every other q asked in this section should be deleted, but then who w... Read More »

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Who song the song and whats the name of the song that played on the "Young & The Restless" today?

they played this one...not sure if it's the one you want other side - keaton simons…

If your music taste can be represented by one song, what would that song be?

You asked for it:VINYL RECORDS by Todd Snider I’ve got a dusty old pile of vinyl records sittin’ on my floorI’ve played each one of ‘em over and over a dozen times or moreAll I’ve got is ... Read More »

What kids tv show sang the song that had the words Singing a happy song in it?

Can some one tell me what song is in the movie Matrix when Neo sleeps at the PC and he listens on head phones music What is that song?