I need help with the lyrics to my song?

Answer This is fab :3 I love it! I'm not good with writing lyrics though... So I can't be any help, sorry :c I hope you become famous one day, though c: Unless yer already famous...

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I need help changing the lyrics to this song?

Here's how I would edit this. Unlike straight poetry, it's often best to be super concise and use fewer words in song writing. Also, rhyming is not an absolute rule! It's me against the world, 1... Read More »

If Jesus returns will you help me recrucify him?

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What song lyrics is about a man who's moving out of his house and his son asks if he will have a fridge at his new house and he gives him a picture of his hand print?

put your hand in mine-tryce byrdput your hand in mine-tryce byrd

Who sings the song heard on Torchwood a while back with the lyrics 'One of these mornings you'll look up and I will be gone'?