What is the song that can be heard in ESPN America TV channel when they show NHL action It is a hard rock song and it goes like long shout eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee na na na naaaaa?

Answer mitt romney

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Can some one tell me what song is in the movie Matrix when Neo sleeps at the PC and he listens on head phones music What is that song?

Mommies please tell me where time goes?

ohh hun, I know what you mean!! Time has definitely flown by for us too. Emma turned 2 yesterday, and after I tucked her into bed and kissed her goodnight, I came back out to the living room and ju... Read More »

What is directv Christmas commercial song that goes like I can't believe my eyes?

I've been looking for the SAME song like 2 days, someone told me it's "Owl city" , it makes sense because the voices are similar, I hope that helps you a little bit :)

Can you please tell me what movie this is?

It's a Dutch movie."Spoorloos" (1988). It was released in the United States with the title, "The Vanishing".…A greatly inferior American version was made ... Read More »